Python and the Future Me

Hey guys, got some big updates and that one of those updates is that I landed 2 interviews
one is with a web dev agency and one with a known company that many people should know.
More information about that later.

I started to learn Python as it was one of the easier languages to learn Oject Orientated Programming.
I really enjoy learning it and I plan on making my future websites with Flask, one of the Python Frameworks.
I’m not going to stray away from Javascript but my main focus for this year is going to be Python.

I also picked up VueJS which I kinda did a wwhile back but I been watching FCC videos
and building simple apps with it. So I decided to add VueJS to the list of frameworks to learn.

I been working a lot at work especially now that I transitioned from Javascript to
Python for my project.

My Short story horror RPG will now be a Visual Novel in the similar style of Umineko
and Higurashi. It’s going to be good. The game will be developed in
Ren’py which is based on Python 2.3 I believe.

More info on that later as well.

My new VLOG episode will come out soon! Stay tuned.