My Python Journey

Hey Guys, how it’s going! I released a new video about my Python Journey and I
will link it below! Not much is going on, I heard back from one interview and didn’t get the job
so now I’m waiting for the next one. I did 2 phone interviews so far so here hoping!
I’m planning on applying for more jobs and hoping to get something soon.

I’m going to invest into a MagPi subscription and also get a Raspberry Pi so I can work
on some cool projects. One of my projects that I’m hoping to do is make a dash cam.
LA is pretty crazy and I would love to have a dash cam that I made ready to go.

Aside from that, I’m also planning on making a retropi for the living room, which I think
will be pretty cool.

I took another quiz on Pluralsight and I’m an expert at Python! But take that with a grain
of salt because I have a lot to learn. Still studying now. Anyways, below is the link to my next
video and hope you guys enjoy it!