More Interviews and React

Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s been awhile but I been laid off and so I been
job searching like crazy. I applied for maybe more than 50 jobs since September 6th.
I gotten a response from 3 different places, 2 in Los Angeles and 1 back home in Arkansas.
The one in Arkansas was for a Mobile Developer position and with recommendations from
two of my friends that worked there, it’s a good chance but I’m not betting on it.

(I messed up during the coding interview)

The other two places in Los Angeles are interesting, one is a pet startup that works
on financing pet clinic payments and the other is an old software company that’s
older than me that builds inventory and management systems for companies.

I actually got one job offer right after the interview so I’m waiting to hear back
from the other two. I did the startup last Friday and I did the Mobile Dev one today.

So far so good.

I been learning React, especially since I heard the Mobile Dev Team will use React
Native. So I better start learning! Aside from FreeCodeCamp, Code Academy gave me 7 days free
trial for PRO, so I’m actually grinding that out.

I been job searching and studying the past weeks but things are looking up for now.
I’m still waiting to hit those big salary positions but man is it hard, especially
when a lot of juniors fresh out of bootcamp are taking over.

Until next time.