The Early November

Hey guys, it’s been awhile. I started a new job but I’m currently on probation
for three months so I hope it leads me somewhere good. I been learning React
and working on a new social media app based on a MERN Stack video that I am
watching from udemy by Brad Traversy.

I’m also been applying for Front-End Dev Positions when I can but not actively
at least not until next month. Right now, I’m doing more support than I am touching
code. I like the team but I want to do more. I did more web stuff at work today
but that’s probably the most I’ll do at the moment.

December is when I’ll start packing out my resume and sending it over to
different places for a full-time dev job.

Well, The Early November is getting ready to drop their next album so that be pretty
cool. Anyways, follow along my github or my blog and keep up with what I am doing.

Things I been doing:
Learning React
Working through this MERN App Tutorial