This December

Project land a full time developer position by the start of next year is ongoing.
I applied for a couple full-time positions incase my current job doesn’t follow through.

I like where I’m working at now but I am itching to become a full-time dev like quick.
It’s eating me inside.

Anyways, I been reading up on programming during the Thanksgiving Break and finally
able to sit down and code with no trouble. I am currently still going through
Brad Traversy’s MERN Stack Tutorials. Which are pretty good by the way.

I am learning as I code. Watch and Code.

This December, I am planning on going crazy mode with job applications
and hoping to land phone interviews due to the fact that I can’t do in-person yet
unless it’s for a job I really really want. (I need the money and can’t afford
a day off)

I’ll be working and studying while I’m preparing for my career