Upcoming Projects

It’s been awhile but I been working through some Traversy Media tutorials.
I been enjoying them since I can do them on my free time. Most of my free time
at work is reading through medium.freecodecamp and working through FCC.

I finished Travery’s MERN Dev Connector Project and I’m working through his portfolio
one to boost my portfolio again. I will also finish is MERN Shopping List app.

Aside from that, I began writing for my RPG, a sequel to Cartuga and hoping to
bring that to life sometime next year. I know Noctam is on hold and it’s hard
to find graphic designer for that game.

Anyways, that’s all that I been doing and I hope you guys are still following.

2019 will be crazy as I have spent a full year as a developer freelance and professional.

Let’s keep it going