New Years

Back to the old grind and I’m making good progress on Gralina and I’m hoping to
finish the bare bones of it by March! Aside from that, I been studying. Now
I’m going into the advance studies of JS, learning fetch API, promises, and some
back-end stuff. I’m also doing more React tutorials to help learn both and to
keep up with programming. Below are the list of my goals for the year

  1. To either get a on-site job that pays more than 60k or a remote position at 50k
    or more.
  2. To have at least 600 commits a year or 50 a month
  3. Release a demo of my game and to prepare for a late 2019/early 2020 release
  4. Become more comfortable with Full-Stack App Development
  5. Be comfortable with React, Python, and Back-End

Until then I’m going to keep on studying and working on my projects. I’ll be back
with vlogging and I’m hoping to get somewhere this year.

Let’s do this.

Oh yeah, I redesigned my Portfolio from inspiration of Travery Media