January Update

Hey guys, what’s new? New Years, old me.

I been programming/coding a lot lately and I finally started working on my music
app which is to be a spritual successor to Purevolume. I started the landing
page for the Front-End and now I am working on the back-end API. I learned
the basics of SQL at my current job and now I’m leaning towards using
MySQL for the Database, especially since we can Sequelize it with Nodejs.

The app that I’m working on will be a MERN stack app which is the following
MySQL = Database, Express = Web Server, React = Front-End Framework, and Nodejs
for back-end development.

This will be my make it or break it app to come out in early 2019 as a Full-Stack
Web Developer. I learned a lot within the two years I have been studying and
I’m always improving myself every day.

Anyways, I will push the Landing page eventually to my github so you guys can
follow my dev blog on it.

And for Gralina… I’m still working on that! It’s a weekend thing which I work
on a little bit of it every Sunday.

Let’s get working!