It's been awhile

It’s been awhile but hey it’s half way through February but I have been learning
some new stuff. I was able to get a couple clients for some Web Dev gigs and
now I been doing interviews for a couple of positions. I eventually ended up
applying to join the Police Department but I also did an interview
with a friend of mine’s company to start as a QA Engineer remotely.

I’m hoping it goes through and I can finally move towards my programming goals.
Only 1 more month and I have officially been working a full year of tech. I
learned a lot ever since I moved to LA. I’m more familiar with the back-end
(can start and run my own express server/api; but basic), I learned a little bit
of Python and Java through online courses and using them at work. I became more
familiar with React and refined my front-end skills. I’m hoping this year I can
focus more on back-end development, working as a QA, and next year I can be a
self-taught full-stack Web Developer.

At least that’s my goal for this year.

Let’s do this!