New Blog and Game Off 2019

Mock title screen

Hey guys I’m back. Unfortunately I lost my original blog because the main files were on a cloud service and that disappeared. I have it backed up but I don’t know how to migrate it over. Oh well. Lol

Anyways, I’m 7 months in into my new job and I’m still loving it. Still a remote worker and I’m working full time hours now. They’re working on getting my hired on and I’m planning on moving to San Jose. It’s an idea not set in stone but I am open to it since our main office is in San Fran.

I entered’s and Github’s Game Off 2019 finally since last year I tried to get a team together but that didn’t work out. I was able to get help from a fellow coder from a Japanese Language Exchange meet up as well as my girlfriend doing the pixel art.

We’re slowly working on it on our free time with Pico-8 as our platform. I never programmed in Lua before but hey it’s a good time to learn. I like retro-style games so making this is going to be fun since I always wanted to learn what game dev was like back in the day (though this makes it easier).

Anyways still tune for more stuff cause I’ll be posting updates from now on.

Here’s another sneak peek.

Mock platform and status screen