Not gone, but I'm back for Game Off 2020!


I’m not dead and I’m not gone either. My roguelike adventure game has been scrapped but I’m back with the same team (and maybe more) to enter in Game Off 2020! Last year we
enetered with Homeward Bound now this year we are focusing on a platformer which will serve as the prequel to Homeward Bound.

We are carefully studying through Lua (I never really learned it last time and I just copied and pasted every thing pretty much) and deciding to see if we want to go with Love2D
or Pixel Vision 8. As much as I want to Pixel Vision 8 there’s not a lot of documentation and tutorials out on it. But I’m hoping once I get more familiar with Lua I can be able
to start from the ground up.

If not, I’m loving how elegant Love2D is and I will be looking at using that in the future (Come on Godot, let me use you (side note: I always want to use it but I keep getting distracted))

Stay tune. We are ready.

Also, I been improving as a developer and I’m hoping to release something much better than last year! Hopefully you guys can see some progress.

I’m out.

Game Off 2020