September and A Protype of My New Web App

Hey guys, I’m back with a new update. So I didn’t get any of those two jobs
I interviewed for but I’m still grinding out for new job postings. Anyways, it’s
September and I been doing some work with Python and finally pushed out a simple
Flask App.

It’s nothing special, just a site where people can post whatever they without
knowing who they are. Pretty much I wanted it to be a “Twitter where you can’t get fired”

It’s a work in progress but I’m getting there. It’s bare bones and I took the base
from a FreeCodeCamp Flask tutorial so I’m going to work on the design either later
today or tomorrow. Or sometime this week. It’s Labor Day Weekend so no work tomorrow!
(I’m looking for a higher paying job, Los Angeles is expensive)

Anyway here’s a link to the web app and see you guys soon!

So Far, So Good

Hello everybody, I been working on a simple Python script where you run it and
downloads random Shiba Inu pictures. I’m still testing it and been following
Automate the Boring Stuff as a supplement to my Python learning.

So far so good, I been working on my visual novel game and been studying Python
every chance I get. I haven’t heard back from the 2nd company I applied for but
I didn’t get the first job either. So aside from studying, I also hae been
looking for new jobs.

I’m in a comfortable spot where I can talk about the technologies I know. I’m
familiar with VueJS but I think it’s time for me to actually learn the fundamentals.

Stay tuned for my Shiba Python Script! It’s going to be cool

My Python Journey

Hey Guys, how it’s going! I released a new video about my Python Journey and I
will link it below! Not much is going on, I heard back from one interview and didn’t get the job
so now I’m waiting for the next one. I did 2 phone interviews so far so here hoping!
I’m planning on applying for more jobs and hoping to get something soon.

I’m going to invest into a MagPi subscription and also get a Raspberry Pi so I can work
on some cool projects. One of my projects that I’m hoping to do is make a dash cam.
LA is pretty crazy and I would love to have a dash cam that I made ready to go.

Aside from that, I’m also planning on making a retropi for the living room, which I think
will be pretty cool.

I took another quiz on Pluralsight and I’m an expert at Python! But take that with a grain
of salt because I have a lot to learn. Still studying now. Anyways, below is the link to my next
video and hope you guys enjoy it!

Python and the Future Me

Hey guys, got some big updates and that one of those updates is that I landed 2 interviews
one is with a web dev agency and one with a known company that many people should know.
More information about that later.

I started to learn Python as it was one of the easier languages to learn Oject Orientated Programming.
I really enjoy learning it and I plan on making my future websites with Flask, one of the Python Frameworks.
I’m not going to stray away from Javascript but my main focus for this year is going to be Python.

I also picked up VueJS which I kinda did a wwhile back but I been watching FCC videos
and building simple apps with it. So I decided to add VueJS to the list of frameworks to learn.

I been working a lot at work especially now that I transitioned from Javascript to
Python for my project.

My Short story horror RPG will now be a Visual Novel in the similar style of Umineko
and Higurashi. It’s going to be good. The game will be developed in
Ren’py which is based on Python 2.3 I believe.

More info on that later as well.

My new VLOG episode will come out soon! Stay tuned.

Your to go ide/text-editor?

Made this quick video and forgot to specify most of editors as text-editors and just called all of them as ides

Hey people, I recorded a new video about ides and text-editors but due to being a quick video that I did on the whim I forgot to call
most of them as ides instead of text-editors so that is my fault. I will probably redo the videos with better information sometime in the future.

You can watch the video below!

<iframe width=”560” height=”315” src=”" frameborder=”0” encrypted-media” allowfullscreen>

Horror Puzzle Game

Hey guys, thanks again for visiting my blog where I would talk about tech and
the day in the life of a Software Engineer.

Well I’m not yet a Software Engineer, I’m still just a freelancer and Intern.

Anyways, I started a start-up with some good friends of mine and we planned out
our first game, it’s going to be split into two games. One short horror puzzle
game developed in RPG Maker MV and the main game to be developed in Unity.

We are expecting the RMMV game to be released on Steam/Mobile by the end of the
year so please stay tuned! I have yet started production it but I will this

Hello World

Welcome to my Hexo World

My new blog is powered by Hexo, a nodeJS static site generator similar to
Jekyll but Jekyll hasn’t been working for me so I decided to switch to something
more JS friendly because Jekyll runs on Ruby.

Anyways, I am starting my new project with a new team that I hand picked and we are planning
on hitting the stages very soon.

We’re half way through 2018 so let’s see what we can make this year.