Production: Started

Production has started for “Project: TOC”!. Still being made in Pico-8 as I love the engine but I am still planning on moving onto another framework/engine in the future for multiplayer based games.

Anyways TOC is going to be a rogue-like based game with “10 levels/floors” pretty short game using some of the code from my previous game Homeward Bound and basing the engine off the Pico-8 Roguelike Tutorial from Youtube.

I planned this game out for the past week and finally able to start work on it. With July 4th around the corner and an extra day for the weekend. I feel like I can probably push out some more features by then.

In the mean time, check out these screens:

Random Test Map



Hey guys, it’s finally been released! I have been on Vacation to San Jose where I also went to work in-office for a couple of days and would finish some stuff for the game. Anyways, I am proud to say that our first project together is finally here and you guys can go ahead and click on the link below to play!

It’s built with PICO-8 and can be played on the web/mobile.

Our next project as a team is going to be a lot bigger with more pixels and levels! As well as an entire new game design (moving to side-scrolling co-op action!) I’m also started planning out my next solo pico-8 project as I feel like I would improve as a Developer when I learn the Fantasy Console from the inside to out.

Check out some screenshots below!

Forest Scene


I’m pretty excitied to be able to finish something for a code jam (Game Off 2019) and looking forward to making more projects!

I also just flew in from DC as I was there for work. It looks like 90% of my company is on site and the others are remote so I was able to meet other remote workers as well as other people that I would work with. The entire trip was cool, learned a lot and looking to succeed as a Key Team Player. Going to work on setting up my dev vlogs too so check out for that. But in the mean time,

See ya

Alpha Build and the Future

Back at it with another blog and this time we went into the alpha stage. With many of the main features implemented and the first level done, we are proud to say that we are 1/3 done. Next up on the schedule before the end of Game Jam is to finish the rest of the levels and work on tweaking the features.

One thing we had to give up was multiplayer as I felt that we might not be able to implement the co-op features on time. But with that out the way, we are thinking of implementing a pop-up message feature when you open a chest or read something. (This game is very basic)

we made a test map that we worked on while trying to implement two players. It didn’t work out the way we planned it. We scrapped the idea of two players and have it on the feature list for our next project to be coded from scratch! (Or maybe with Love2D or Godot)

We are planning on working a little bit more before the holidays and one last testing before the end of Thanksgiving and then release it for Game-Jam 2019!

My next project is going to be a personal project being developed along side our next main game and the next title in the next series. My personal project is going to be a roguelike game and will take longer than one week to develop with everything from graphics to programing to sound all by myself. I’m building a raspberry pi and looking for an old CRT Monitor/TV just for that reason.

Anyways, I’m planning on working on vlogs again so watch out for that soon!

Random Test Map


Day in the Life at the tSn Studio

Hey guys; back at it again with a new post. It’s not really a day in the life since we don’t really meet reguarly so we decided to have a quick session on a Sunday to see how far we can progress before the Holidays.

The basic game layout is down using a top-down template I watched over Youtube (while also learning Pico) and adding in our own features such as: UI, various levels, and a point system.

Many of the basic features are implented and I think the last thing we have to do is a working two-player mode, the main menu and the level design. We’re aiming to having at least 3-5 main stages with many diffent areas to explore

Current Startup life

Matthew, who works with a small game dev company in Los Angeles is lending us a hand in co-programming and level design while Mei will work on the promotion art as well as in-game graphics. We’re on track with the Game Jam release as we are wanting to make a playable concept while working on our actual project. (Something similar to how Celeste was done in Pico-8 before being ported over to Monogame).

It’s really fun to work with a Fantasy Console like the Pico-8 as it helps us as programmers understand the limitations of programming and gaming design they had in the 80s. We are planning on maybe making a couple more projects with pico-8 before leveling up as hobbyiest Game Developers (Except for Matthew, he actually went to school for Game Design)

Let’s keep in touch.

Trying to get the walking animation to work...

New Blog and Game Off 2019

Mock title screen

Hey guys I’m back. Unfortunately I lost my original blog because the main files were on a cloud service and that disappeared. I have it backed up but I don’t know how to migrate it over. Oh well. Lol

Anyways, I’m 7 months in into my new job and I’m still loving it. Still a remote worker and I’m working full time hours now. They’re working on getting my hired on and I’m planning on moving to San Jose. It’s an idea not set in stone but I am open to it since our main office is in San Fran.

I entered’s and Github’s Game Off 2019 finally since last year I tried to get a team together but that didn’t work out. I was able to get help from a fellow coder from a Japanese Language Exchange meet up as well as my girlfriend doing the pixel art.

We’re slowly working on it on our free time with Pico-8 as our platform. I never programmed in Lua before but hey it’s a good time to learn. I like retro-style games so making this is going to be fun since I always wanted to learn what game dev was like back in the day (though this makes it easier).

Anyways still tune for more stuff cause I’ll be posting updates from now on.

Here’s another sneak peek.

Mock platform and status screen