Wednesday, July 10, 2024

I'm a graduate student now.. I think

 When I think of Graduate students I think of those who is working on their masters/Ph.D but at a brick and mortar school where they get a stipend and all that. (I might be misremembering). But I'm officially been admitted to WGU's Master Program for Cybersecurity and Information Assurance. (referring to this program as MSCSIA from now on).

And I'm pretty excited!

I have my (ISC)2 CC exam scheduled for next week and if I pass I hope I can use that to take one less class which means one less exam so I can finish way earlier.

I been watching videos and tips on the program and I think I will approach the Pentest+ stuff first as I'm not into the Pentesting realm but more towards the fundamental/analytical side of things. After the Pentest+ exam (and hopefully pass). I will focus on CySa+ and all the other paper essays I will have to do and finish off with the Capstone hoping to start that 2 months before my term ends so I have some extra time to relax and research.

I'm starting September 1st. 

I'm hoping to blog or maybe vlog about my journey but those whose been keeping up with me, thanks.

See ya soon.

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

I got another test coming up

 So I saw that WGU has ISC2 CC certification as part of the program and I also found out that the exam + training is currently free so I decided to take it and scheduled for Mid July and use it to transfer over to WGU for me to take one less class. Which means less stress and be ahead to finish within 6 months! (one term).

The certifications are going to be nice and recently discovered about the CISSP certification which is probably going to be my end-game goal alongside the CASP+

With a MS in Cybersecurity and all these professional certifications, I'll be on the road to become a tech professional. Maybe I'll write my own books or get my own articles published. That would be the dream.

I haven't coded in a long time but I'm hoping to dive deep into it this November for the Game Jam along side with my studies. I'm hoping to finish a lot of work by November so I can shift focus onto development.

Right now, I'm spending time filling out scholarships. Let's hope I get them!

Thursday, June 13, 2024

Another Summer Jam

 It's Intern Season, so expect to see many interns on campus! Life is looking good, weather is being nice and all in all I'm proud of what I been able to achieve this year.

I sent in my application to attend WGU for their Masters program for Cybersecurity unfortunately I am not qualified for Fafsa. I was able to submit my certification to see what can be transferred over so I'm thinking if I can buckle down I can complete the program in 6 months and take a 5k hit. or 1 year and it be just shy of 10k. Which isn't too bad considering I'll be getting a Masters degree + certifications. I think I can do it in 6 months but I'll definitely be able to do it one year.

I just hope the next company I land at in my career will offer some sort of Tuition reimbursement or Student Loan payback

I am still studying Network+, more like just watching a course. I'm still deciding if I want to take a test for Network+ or just finish the course and get a good grasp of networking and focus on the Masters Program (I'm assuming I get in)

Somethings I'm doing to keep up with the knowledge is randomly watch/listen to Professor's Messer Videos (A+, Network+, Security+) on shuffle so I can randomly remember. Reading CySa+ material and playing through CTFs.

I think I'm on the right track and I can't wait to work towards being a Digital Investigator or working in Digital Forensics.

I'm hoping to write more technical blog stuff or even videos but who knows. Videos are time consuming but I will sure write when I can.

Thanks for tuning in.

Wednesday, June 5, 2024

June Post

 Finally, a new post!

I'm able to get some time to sit down and blog something again with some news. I passed the CompTIA Security+ exam with 761 pts! It was close but I managed to pull through. I almost used up my time as well. I think I was just under 10 minutes when I finished and I'll tell you it was a tough one.

With this certificate, I learned new skills and now I have something to add to my resume to make it stand out more. Now my next step is to fast track to Network+ so when I do have to renew my Sec+ I would have Network+ renewed as well. 

Another set of news is that I am probably planning on attending WGU for their masters program in Cyber Security. Their coursework looks great and you get to finish with certifications including the CySA+!

I don't plan on starting that until this Fall so I have time to work on my own personal projects, casually shop around to see what's out there for me. I'm hoping to land something at a government level where I can get clearance with my dream goal to still retire doing Digital Forensics. 

HG is still on hold but the universe is still there. I am planning on getting some work done on a simple IDLE rpg built using either Python or JS so I'll see what I can come up with.

Game Jam 2024. I'm still looking forward to that.

I did finish Los Angeles Regionals as a Judge and it's been. Looking to see if I can staff the remaining events this year.

Check it out

Picture by Gallery Games

Thursday, May 2, 2024

It's time!

 Sorry for the late post, but I been busy studying and situating with finances that I'm finally able to sit down and write.

So to the new stuff. My business unit at my current company is being sold and it looks like we might be able to hear something as early as next week!

May is going to look pretty busy.  I am volunteering as a Judge for the Pokemon Regionals in Los Angeles and I am now finished with the Calbright course that I'm spending half of my day studying for it. There's no trick but what I'm doing is getting a list of flash cards to print out so I can study it at home and been listening to SYS-601 videos at work and when I'm doing chores in the background. So my study load looks like:

  • SYS-601 Videos
  • SYS-601 Notes (Flashcards)
  • SYS-601 Study Quizzes (Mobile)
  • Professor Messor Study Groups Podcasts/Notes
  • CertMaster PBQ and Test Exams
I have a lot of resources I can use and will utilize as much as I can before I lose access. So with this, my dev time is cut short as I will be focusing on trying to move up and pass Comptia Security+.

My current projects: (DEV work on hold until June)
  • Roguelike using Python
  • Pivoting for mostly game-jams and publishing my external team's projects (Hollowgrounds, gameJeeNI)
  • A fan-game based on Gotham/Batman using RPG Maker MV (Something short to put on my portfolio)
Hollowgrounds and Gralina has a huge update; I been writing the story/background for Gralina which for the most part has been re-written to fit my "space mythos" but Gralina will take place 1000 years before Hollowgrounds with Gralina being a small playable RPG created using pico-8.

I'm hoping by the time I finished with Gralina, a stable version with feature heavy for Ascension will be released then and then I can focus my time on that.

While I'm pausing on the dev work, I will continue to write the stories/world-building for the games.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

A quick update!

 Just wanted to let you guys know what's been going on these last few weeks + upcoming weeks as I may not blog until April.

I started my professional development again with Calbright Cyber Security training almost done. Planning on takin the Security+ Exam sometime in April! I'm going to start casually studying every night and then buckle down a week or two before.

I relogged into my Udemy and found that I have not completed a lot of the courses  I bought ranging from web dev to game development so I decided to start on Django again.

I have a lot of time in between sessions where I can focus on doing programming studying and keeping up with my hobbies. Some of the things that I would like to do after I finish these courses is finally build out the projects I want to do (That I outlined before)

So some of the stuff that I will be working on/relearning are:

  • Django/Python
  • Angular/Mean Stack
  • Byond (Dream Maker)
I would like to rebuild my blog from scratch mainly so I can have more control over it but we will see.

Until then, keep on going!

Sunday, March 3, 2024

A Long March

 Hello everyone! I'm back at relearning Python/Django and been doing a udemy course! As I mentioned before, this will help me work with Evennia a lot better/easier and will give me a leg up in Cyber Security since a lot of scripting is mostly done in Python.

After getting more comfortable with Python, I would like to learn and use pygame for game jams moving forward (with the occasional Pico8). I'm hoping to begin using python/pygame for the 2024 Version!

I'm revisiting some old notes for past projects I worked on and thinking of bringing a few back. One of them include's Cleo's Network.

I'm almost done with the Calbright program and hoping to double down on the final exam studying starting in April and finish it fully by May. It's been a long journey so far but I been learning tons of great stuff!

Hollowgrounds is still on the board, but I'm re-doing a lot of stuff in terms of story/background of the game. I have been playing a lot of retro RPGs to get a feel of how to make fun and engaging dungeons like in Chrono Trigger/Zelda

Play TSN! Community Servers will officially go live to the public (even though anyone on the discord can join) but I'm pretty excited of getting it setup and hopefully offer more soon.

I'm a graduate student now.. I think

 When I think of Graduate students I think of those who is working on their masters/Ph.D but at a brick and mortar school where they get a s...