Summer Jams

It’s been 3 months since my last update but hey I’m back. I’m preparing to go to Vegas to play for my spot in WPT since I earned an invite from last year’s Summer Season
and looking to get back into Poker since I am itching to play something professionally.

I am still working as a Software QA Engineer and been promoted to Full-Time Hours! (Not FTE) I am still keeping up with FreeCodeCamp and doing some minor things on the side. I lost my game files because I forgot to back up and now I’m working on another game. I’m hoping to start my start-up app with some friends later this summer and looking to get a house in Arkansas, where living is cheaper and with my California Experience I could probably land an awesome tech job there.

I am looking to blog more and wait for some new stuff!

Started My New Job

I’m back with that new job and I’m very happy with it so far. I know it hasn’t
been a week but I guess I’ll follow up what it’s like after I come back from training.

It’s pretty cool because they are flying me out to San Fran for one week of
training in 2 weeks so I will see how I feel about it then haha.

They sent me my Macbook Pro. The new one with the touch bar and still setting it up
Nothing to fancy but now I can take on the title of Software QA Engineer.

It’s contract at first but a good of friend of mine help me get the job so
I’m hoping I can learn as I go and make my way to become a full-time employee

Until next time!

A Month Later

I put in my two weeks but they didn’t want me to work so they let me go home on
March 11, 2019.

I don’t know if I was upset or happy because I wanted to leave that place but
I also didn’t want to not work for a couple of weeks. Anyways, I landed a
Silicon Valley job and I’m excitied especially after the fact that I can start
remotely first before relocating to San Fran from Los Angeles.

But yeah, that’s what happened so far. I haven’t read up on programming lately
but I am preparing to learn to Agile and Scrum. I been working on my own personal
projects as well so stay tune for some cool stuff down the road!

It's been awhile

It’s been awhile but hey it’s half way through February but I have been learning
some new stuff. I was able to get a couple clients for some Web Dev gigs and
now I been doing interviews for a couple of positions. I eventually ended up
applying to join the Police Department but I also did an interview
with a friend of mine’s company to start as a QA Engineer remotely.

I’m hoping it goes through and I can finally move towards my programming goals.
Only 1 more month and I have officially been working a full year of tech. I
learned a lot ever since I moved to LA. I’m more familiar with the back-end
(can start and run my own express server/api; but basic), I learned a little bit
of Python and Java through online courses and using them at work. I became more
familiar with React and refined my front-end skills. I’m hoping this year I can
focus more on back-end development, working as a QA, and next year I can be a
self-taught full-stack Web Developer.

At least that’s my goal for this year.

Let’s do this!

January Update

Hey guys, what’s new? New Years, old me.

I been programming/coding a lot lately and I finally started working on my music
app which is to be a spritual successor to Purevolume. I started the landing
page for the Front-End and now I am working on the back-end API. I learned
the basics of SQL at my current job and now I’m leaning towards using
MySQL for the Database, especially since we can Sequelize it with Nodejs.

The app that I’m working on will be a MERN stack app which is the following
MySQL = Database, Express = Web Server, React = Front-End Framework, and Nodejs
for back-end development.

This will be my make it or break it app to come out in early 2019 as a Full-Stack
Web Developer. I learned a lot within the two years I have been studying and
I’m always improving myself every day.

Anyways, I will push the Landing page eventually to my github so you guys can
follow my dev blog on it.

And for Gralina… I’m still working on that! It’s a weekend thing which I work
on a little bit of it every Sunday.

Let’s get working!

New Years

Back to the old grind and I’m making good progress on Gralina and I’m hoping to
finish the bare bones of it by March! Aside from that, I been studying. Now
I’m going into the advance studies of JS, learning fetch API, promises, and some
back-end stuff. I’m also doing more React tutorials to help learn both and to
keep up with programming. Below are the list of my goals for the year

  1. To either get a on-site job that pays more than 60k or a remote position at 50k
    or more.
  2. To have at least 600 commits a year or 50 a month
  3. Release a demo of my game and to prepare for a late 2019/early 2020 release
  4. Become more comfortable with Full-Stack App Development
  5. Be comfortable with React, Python, and Back-End

Until then I’m going to keep on studying and working on my projects. I’ll be back
with vlogging and I’m hoping to get somewhere this year.

Let’s do this.

Oh yeah, I redesigned my Portfolio from inspiration of Travery Media

Gralina is back

I finished DevConnector by Traversy Media and now I’m taking a coding break
until the beginning of the New Year. I’m still working with React at work and
I been using FreeCodeCamp during down time as well to keep up with programming.

I did start production on Gralina again, which is now part of the Gaiuss Trilogy
(More on that later). I began a small teaser site for the games but I have yet
done anything with it at the moment. My schedule now is to work on the game piece
by piece and hoping to release a small demo in the Spring. If you are interested
in following the status of the project; please visit the github page below:

Until then, I hope everyone has a Happy New Year!

Upcoming Projects

It’s been awhile but I been working through some Traversy Media tutorials.
I been enjoying them since I can do them on my free time. Most of my free time
at work is reading through medium.freecodecamp and working through FCC.

I finished Travery’s MERN Dev Connector Project and I’m working through his portfolio
one to boost my portfolio again. I will also finish is MERN Shopping List app.

Aside from that, I began writing for my RPG, a sequel to Cartuga and hoping to
bring that to life sometime next year. I know Noctam is on hold and it’s hard
to find graphic designer for that game.

Anyways, that’s all that I been doing and I hope you guys are still following.

2019 will be crazy as I have spent a full year as a developer freelance and professional.

Let’s keep it going

This December

Project land a full time developer position by the start of next year is ongoing.
I applied for a couple full-time positions incase my current job doesn’t follow through.

I like where I’m working at now but I am itching to become a full-time dev like quick.
It’s eating me inside.

Anyways, I been reading up on programming during the Thanksgiving Break and finally
able to sit down and code with no trouble. I am currently still going through
Brad Traversy’s MERN Stack Tutorials. Which are pretty good by the way.

I am learning as I code. Watch and Code.

This December, I am planning on going crazy mode with job applications
and hoping to land phone interviews due to the fact that I can’t do in-person yet
unless it’s for a job I really really want. (I need the money and can’t afford
a day off)

I’ll be working and studying while I’m preparing for my career

What's new in November

Hey guys, I’m back from studying
and just wanted to give you a quick update.
I’ll be coming back soon to do newbie youtube tutorials but for now I been learning
React as well as the MERN Stack. I applied for a couple of jobs, remote. I don’t know if I want to keep living in LA
long-term but I’ll still continue to work here until my Development game is strong and I can actually pursue better opportunities.

I been brain storming my novel series and I hope to get that published soon (My first book finished last year but I haven’t been around
to edit it)

I love programming so I’m hoping to be able to write articles when I get better as well. I wrote my first essay but I have yet continued to write my follow-update

Anyways, just an update that I’m still developing