Thursday, August 31, 2023

The Start of September

 It's August 31st. The end of August and I have to say that I have relearned a lot of stuff in terms of programming but I'm happy to pick up where I left off. I have decided to enroll into Calbright College since it's free for students in California for their Cyber Security program where we can learn and obtain CompTIA Security+ Certificate, which is an industry standard. My goal with this program is to add this to my portfolio and level up in my career.

My end-game goal is to become a Digital Forensics Analyst for a three letter (or four) agency. Also it would be a nice way for me to utilize my B.A in Criminal Justice.

The start of 2024 I'm thinking of vlogging if not live streaming me working on small projects so that will probably be something I will start up again. I had the Curious Case of Nikki X which only debuted with a couple episodes and I kind of miss how my goal was to come to Silicon Valley and now that I'm here. What am I doing?

Anyways, I will be back on the grind and will be blogging more frequently now. Anyone who is anyone is welcome to stay and chat but I'm getting ready to bring back for two projects a year. Game Off and another tech jam.

Also we also got that MUD and byond games going.

See ya soon.

Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Byond Programming!

 So I began learning how to program DM, Dream Maker (The Language Byond uses) and its been very fun. I have seen this a very long time ago and wasn't very appealing at the time haha.

Byond stands for Build Your Own Net Dream and that's what I'm going to do. I began going through some documentation and watching a few videos to get a hang of things and I think I'll be comfortable enough with it by the end of the year to publish something. I will most likely use this for Game Jam 2023.

Here's a snippet from their home page which you can go to at

I have started production which is in pre-pre-pre production with tons of stuff on the drawing board but I am happy to say that my next project (among many others), working title: Electric Circuit is in development.

Stay tuned for more details!

It will be a top down co-op base defense game made with a small team of friends and a couple folks from

Sunday, August 27, 2023

End of the Month

 I am currently taking a work vacation in LA from the Bay and decided to work on my personal projects in the mean time. Since I was young I always wanted to build a game in VB6 since at the time every body was coding and making games using VB (and similar languages) at least for the games I was following.

During the weekend I decided to look at Byond because that was one of the few instances where I stumbled upon code (especially source code). I took at a look at the documentation and then I realized how much of a "legacy" language it was and how I should add it to my portfolio for nostalgia reasons.

I'm aimin to make something for the C64, Amiga, and possibly the Sega Genesis (Homebrew) and then focus on making apps using VB6, DM (Byond), and Python for my own personal projects.

I am still working on my portfolio (newest version) and hoping to get it out online soon.


Stay tuned for my Byond devlog starting in mid September!

Thursday, August 17, 2023


 Back with another blog post. Right now, I am currently learning Django with a course I bought from Udemy. I figured since Evennia has their webapp side of things built with Django, I might as well learn how Django works if I wanted to make changes to the website. This is also an excuse to learn more Python in depth rather than just working on the mud with it so yeah. It'll be a win win situation.

Currently still working as an Associate Consultant over at Synopsys and it's pretty fun. Able to learn and work on apps on the side. I am currently using my time at work during my free time to learn NextJS/React and use that to build one of our in-house tools.

Nothing much new in my life but I'm hoping to kick start my game developer hobby career soon. I'll be back for November's Game Off and that will be fun.

Just a note, I'm not looking to be a Game Developer. I just want to be one of those programmers who can push out games when they're bored regardless of how terrible the quality is.

But it will be fun.

Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Summer Jams

I got out and dusted off a spare Macbook Pro I had which I am now using to get back into djing and doing gigs. I also brought it out so I can work on my projects on a better environment. I actually would have used Ubuntu but I needed a system where I can do both djing and programming on the side.

Not much news here but with the MUD being built with Evennia, I decided that my first web rpg is going to be done in Django so my python knowledge will overlap.

I am planning 3 games for this universe. Web RPG, another Web RPG (But this one will be built in RPG Maker MV), and then the ongoing community-driven MUD.

Will I succeed? Who knows. But I did release a mashup mixtape so if you like to catch a listen, you know where to find me.


I'm an ISC2 Member now.

 I took and passed my test on the same day (July 15) and received my certificate the next day. 50$ a year isn't that bad especially sinc...