Sunday, January 28, 2024

It's been awhile

 Sorry I been MIA! I have a lot to catch up but I spent the holidays relaxing and moving to my new apartment!

I been gearing up for what I'm going to present later this year with multiple projects that I been working on. I finished laying out my novel and hoping to begin writing that this year and finish it sometime next year or after.

My dream projects are now part of the same Mythos that share similarities but not directly related. Somewhat similar to the Ivalice Alliance. They're share some stuff but not everything. 

I might have mentioned it before but my dream projects are:

  • A small Online RPG
  • A MUD
  • A PBBG/Web Browser RPG
I been working on the shared universe and development for Hollowgrounds will began again later this year now that I have a full blown development server!

I'm also been busy with Calbright and hoping to finish the course and aim for a Security+ Certificate this summer as well!

Also for Game Off, I finished the game and here's the link. I apologize for not doing a blog series for it but nonetheless it's available to play here:

Happy New Years to all my readers. Hope to blog out to you guys soon!

I'm an ISC2 Member now.

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