Tuesday, October 24, 2023

HG Log #6: End of October

 Hey everyone, sorry it's been awhile but I have been busy this month. I interviewed for an internal project, I returned from Sacramento from Judging Pokemon Regionals and now I'm getting some time in to work on personal projects before Game Jam November!

I was able to get some work done for Hollowgrounds. I finished the basic template map for the 2nd area and after I tidy some of this up I will begin working on the 4 quests that will be featured in the Beta that will happen later this year early next!

I am planning on building a home server cabinet so I will have a 24/7 Dev server for all my developers to use. I will also upgrade probably to 16/32 to be able to host 2 game servers such as PZ and Gmod. But my home lab post will be around here for later.

So stay tuned for a 1 week Beta and more in progress stuff! But I'm not going to leave you guys empty handed so here's a quick screenshot of what I been working on.

I don't know what to name this area just yet

Tuesday, October 10, 2023

HG Log #5 / Busy Week

 Hey guys, it's been awhile but October has been pretty busy so far. Catching up with school and working towards landing a 6 month project to do Mobile App Testing so I been preparing for that. Not much details about this project just yet since my Manager presented the short term project to us recently so I will find out soon. I know we have to interview for it and I saw the prep and it looks somewhat easy with a minor things that I'm familiar with but not enough to go into details so I will work on that.

I started working on my MUD which will now be designed in MirageMUD (Don't remember if I mentioned it but I do remember saying something about Evennia). I am currently working through the codebase and hoping to implement new stats as well as new features. That is a work in progress.

My C64 Assembly journey is still going and I'm learning Basic and the architecture of the C64, once I get familiar with ASM I will move on to NES/SNES/Genesis Homebrew and probably keep my game development career there (along with my current side projects)

We got some work in for Hollowgrounds and I started to redesign the starting village. It's still a work in progress but I'm planning on making it simple. This game will be a simple, minimal ORPG so players can come in here with no expectations of something great but they can see that this project is obviously a hobby.

Anyways, I will be away for Pokemon Regionals in Sacramento but that's another story for another time (or possibly a different website)

New version of Wind's Whisper (In-Progress)

Sunday, October 1, 2023

HG Log #4

 Hello October 1st! It's been awhile since we worked on this but now that time is freeing up, this month will be a little busy as we finished the template of the Beta maps, only thing left is to make it pretty!

we have finished templating the first village, the training caves, nearby areas that takes you to the first cave/tunnel that will take you to the 2nd village available in the Prologue.

I will most likely host a small unannounced beta in late december but Prologue will be released in early 2024. I am using this time to work on pixel art and mapping so what you see here may not be reflected of what the actual game will look like.

Orsha Caves!

We are working on the auto-updater and so far I believe we got it working, so I will test it again later this week with the other developers as it updates the Developer Edition (which includes a custom client for editing/developing our games)

The production copy will have a different icon as well as a differnet server. The DE Server is mainly our DEV server where we test and build things before we move it over to production. (after intensive testing on our end)

Anyways, thanks for reading and stay tuned for future updates!

Working on them aggro bats

I'm an ISC2 Member now.

 I took and passed my test on the same day (July 15) and received my certificate the next day. 50$ a year isn't that bad especially sinc...