Wednesday, February 15, 2023

New Year, New Me

 I'm back at it again and hopefully I'll be more active. At least once  a month! Anyways a quick update going into this new year is that I'm finally up in Silicon Valley. I've always wanted to live here for the longest time and it feels so surreal haha. Maybe I'll start vlogging again.

I'm currently liking my new job and I have taken the time to re-learn Go (the game) and picking up backgammon. I haven't done a whole lot in the city just yet but I plan on joining various meetup groups.

Still learning C# and will continue to go through the Unity course that I got. My goal for this year is to make a Co-Op Tower Defense game with RTS elements that I can play with my friends.

I'll build it and they will love it.

My MUD project is put on hold while I go back to the roots of why I wanted to start programming in the first place.

See you guys soon.


Also working on new music.

I'm an ISC2 Member now.

 I took and passed my test on the same day (July 15) and received my certificate the next day. 50$ a year isn't that bad especially sinc...