Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Look Out! Dev Blog #1

 We been at this for a couple of weeks taking on as Lead Developer and defactor scrum master. Would like to introduce old collaborator Matthew again while taking on new Audio Engineer, Quintin (Longtime member of Team SKYNITE) to add music/sounds for us.

So we decided to use rot.js to make a roguelike based game within the bugs theme using a boilerplate by chr15m and its been working wonders while adding some of our own new features in. We have about one week to finish before we go on Holiday mode then its QA and bug mashing after that. Hopefully we can take top 100 this time!  Our last year submission didn't do too hot but the one before we made it to top 75!

Some of the features that we added so far are:

Additional monsters in each level (so the game gets harder)

More HP 

Points and Stage system

Reworked combat

Our own graphics!

There's more stuff but I'm hoping we can add what we wanted before the deadline. Anyways take a look at some cool screenshots!

Tuesday, November 2, 2021

Game Off 2021 is a go!


Our meeting in Gather;

Our team is a go! We are now recruiting Quintin to help work on sound/audio design so our game will have "professionally" made music and sounds!

The theme for this year's Game Off 2021 is Bugs and as we plan from our first meeting we have a direction that we want to take.

Nothing concrete for now but please feel free to follow along as I post more updates. November is going to be busy!


I'm an ISC2 Member now.

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