Thursday, February 22, 2024

February Update

 Hello everyone, been working on setting up my server now that I gotten it and have gotten a good stream of regular users playing. My electricity went up 100% though but I moved to a newer place where it's cheaper so I'm able to spare a few bucks.

Hollowgrounds is still on pause but I am doing the world building during my free time while learning BASIC and 6502 Assembly. 

The community servers will go live publicly soon so I will be able to talk about it later but I'm getting back into retro proramming as soon as I finished my course over at Calbright.

Still hoping to get into Digital Forensics in the future. 

Sorry for the the inconsistent posts but I haven't done anything worth talking about, lol.

Bought a C64 + Monitor, so I'm hoping to get my place cleaned up and start getting pictures.

If anyone has an MSX2 that they can send my way. That be great.

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