Thursday, May 2, 2024

It's time!

 Sorry for the late post, but I been busy studying and situating with finances that I'm finally able to sit down and write.

So to the new stuff. My business unit at my current company is being sold and it looks like we might be able to hear something as early as next week!

May is going to look pretty busy.  I am volunteering as a Judge for the Pokemon Regionals in Los Angeles and I am now finished with the Calbright course that I'm spending half of my day studying for it. There's no trick but what I'm doing is getting a list of flash cards to print out so I can study it at home and been listening to SYS-601 videos at work and when I'm doing chores in the background. So my study load looks like:

  • SYS-601 Videos
  • SYS-601 Notes (Flashcards)
  • SYS-601 Study Quizzes (Mobile)
  • Professor Messor Study Groups Podcasts/Notes
  • CertMaster PBQ and Test Exams
I have a lot of resources I can use and will utilize as much as I can before I lose access. So with this, my dev time is cut short as I will be focusing on trying to move up and pass Comptia Security+.

My current projects: (DEV work on hold until June)
  • Roguelike using Python
  • Pivoting for mostly game-jams and publishing my external team's projects (Hollowgrounds, gameJeeNI)
  • A fan-game based on Gotham/Batman using RPG Maker MV (Something short to put on my portfolio)
Hollowgrounds and Gralina has a huge update; I been writing the story/background for Gralina which for the most part has been re-written to fit my "space mythos" but Gralina will take place 1000 years before Hollowgrounds with Gralina being a small playable RPG created using pico-8.

I'm hoping by the time I finished with Gralina, a stable version with feature heavy for Ascension will be released then and then I can focus my time on that.

While I'm pausing on the dev work, I will continue to write the stories/world-building for the games.

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