Wednesday, June 5, 2024

June Post

 Finally, a new post!

I'm able to get some time to sit down and blog something again with some news. I passed the CompTIA Security+ exam with 761 pts! It was close but I managed to pull through. I almost used up my time as well. I think I was just under 10 minutes when I finished and I'll tell you it was a tough one.

With this certificate, I learned new skills and now I have something to add to my resume to make it stand out more. Now my next step is to fast track to Network+ so when I do have to renew my Sec+ I would have Network+ renewed as well. 

Another set of news is that I am probably planning on attending WGU for their masters program in Cyber Security. Their coursework looks great and you get to finish with certifications including the CySA+!

I don't plan on starting that until this Fall so I have time to work on my own personal projects, casually shop around to see what's out there for me. I'm hoping to land something at a government level where I can get clearance with my dream goal to still retire doing Digital Forensics. 

HG is still on hold but the universe is still there. I am planning on getting some work done on a simple IDLE rpg built using either Python or JS so I'll see what I can come up with.

Game Jam 2024. I'm still looking forward to that.

I did finish Los Angeles Regionals as a Judge and it's been. Looking to see if I can staff the remaining events this year.

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