Thursday, June 13, 2024

Another Summer Jam

 It's Intern Season, so expect to see many interns on campus! Life is looking good, weather is being nice and all in all I'm proud of what I been able to achieve this year.

I sent in my application to attend WGU for their Masters program for Cybersecurity unfortunately I am not qualified for Fafsa. I was able to submit my certification to see what can be transferred over so I'm thinking if I can buckle down I can complete the program in 6 months and take a 5k hit. or 1 year and it be just shy of 10k. Which isn't too bad considering I'll be getting a Masters degree + certifications. I think I can do it in 6 months but I'll definitely be able to do it one year.

I just hope the next company I land at in my career will offer some sort of Tuition reimbursement or Student Loan payback

I am still studying Network+, more like just watching a course. I'm still deciding if I want to take a test for Network+ or just finish the course and get a good grasp of networking and focus on the Masters Program (I'm assuming I get in)

Somethings I'm doing to keep up with the knowledge is randomly watch/listen to Professor's Messer Videos (A+, Network+, Security+) on shuffle so I can randomly remember. Reading CySa+ material and playing through CTFs.

I think I'm on the right track and I can't wait to work towards being a Digital Investigator or working in Digital Forensics.

I'm hoping to write more technical blog stuff or even videos but who knows. Videos are time consuming but I will sure write when I can.

Thanks for tuning in.

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